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Surplus Mask Quality Guarantee

To ensure we offer only the best surplus (S10, FM12 ETC) fetish Gas Masks of unrivalled quality, all of the surplus masks we get in go through vigorous preparation before sale.  Even though they are unissued surplus stock, some of the masks we get from our suppliers may have been sitting in storage for awhile. For that reason every mask we get in from surplus stock first goes through a deep clean, before being sent for quality inspection. Depending on any defects , the mask is then repainted with acrylic black gloss and buffed afterwards for a perfect finish.  A clear rubber sealing coat is then added to offer better quality protection. If required any parts such as lenses, internal drinking straw, head straps or any other components are also substituted  for new, identical replacement parts. All of this ensures that our surplus masks are of unmatched quality, that can't be found anywhere else. 

Maskx fetish gas mask
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